Thomas Hyle's Findings


Unfortunately, there's nothing more frightening than disappointing those that actually choose to stick around. Anyway, I'll mostly just gaze from now on. Finding things with nothing but my eyes, and I mean the round milky bulbs called eyes, not some metaphorical crap. Except, I can't really stop myself from thinking too much about the things I'll see. That I saw. Alas the writing stuff, this crap. Just trying to put into words things one can indeed see clearly, though, not clearly enough. If I knew better I'd might as well give up or call myself the sole hopeless victim of my own mise-en-scène, but oh well, I'll try not to disappoint.

Others will not look at a man sitting on the rocks typing to himself, on the verge of collapsing on to the sand beneath. Even from this great height it seems I can't fully, wholesomely, tenderly see the wide frame of things. Only the close shot, only the one. Out of context and a bit out of frame, enough to pass by as an amateur, avoiding rows and rows of people trying to take my picture, steal a word or two from my mouth and ultimately become disappointed at how simple it all is, the human part of it.

I'll try, though, not to jump on to the sand beneath.

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